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Your eyes deserve routine care to preserve their health and your vision. At Southern Eye Institute in Houma and Thibodaux, Louisiana, the team of board-certified ophthalmologists provide comprehensive eye exams to help assess your vision, prevent infection, and detect problems at their earliest stages. Schedule your routine eye exam today by calling or using the online booking tool.

Comprehensive Eye Exam Q & A

What is a comprehensive eye exam?

A comprehensive eye exam provides a thorough evaluation of your vision and eye health. 

Exams are personalized to your specific needs and concerns, but standard tests included in this exam are:

  • Visual acuity to test the smallest letters you can read on a standard chart
  • Tonometry to test the pressure inside your eye
  • Visual field test to measure your peripheral vision
  • Slit lamp exam to examine your eyes using magnification

A comprehensive eye exam also involves dilation of your eyes so your provider can examine the blood vessels, optic nerve, and other internal structures of your eye. 

Through dilation, your ophthalmologist may detect the earliest stages of glaucoma, macular degeneration, and diabetic neuropathy so they can be treated before you start to experience symptoms.

When should you have your first comprehensive eye exam?

Children benefit from yearly vision checks starting around age 5 to make sure they don’t develop problems as they grow. If there are any problems detected during these routine checks, the ophthalmologists at Southern Eye Institute recommend a comprehensive eye exam.

When should adults schedule comprehensive eye exams?

Routine eye exams are valuable throughout adulthood. Up until age 39, healthy adults need an eye exam just once every 5-10 years. 

If you aren’t in the habit of regular eye exams, schedule your first comprehensive eye exam when you turn 40. Many age-related eye conditions start to develop around this time.

Between the ages of 40-54, you benefit from an eye exam every 2-4 years. When you’re 55-64, plan on coming in every 1-3 years, and after age 65 every 1-2 years.

If you have a family history of certain eye diseases or are diabetic, the team may recommend more frequent appointments.

How do I prepare for a comprehensive eye exam?

Bring your current eyeglasses or contact lens boxes, as well as any previous eye exam records with you to your appointment. You’ll also need to bring a list of all the medications you’re taking.

Expect your comprehensive eye exam to last 1-2 hours. If you do have your eyes dilated, you’ll be sensitive to light and experience distorted vision for a few hours. It’s best to bring sunglasses to protect your eyes when you leave and have a friend or family member drive you home.

Schedule your comprehensive eye exam today. Call Southern Eye Institute or use the online booking tool.