Light Adjustable Lens (LAL)

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Do you suffer from cataracts and hope to find a permanent solution to improve your vision? If so, consider the light adjustable lens. At Southern Eye Institute in Houma, Louisiana, Keith Kellum, MD, provides the light adjustable lens to cataract patients searching for the proper eye treatment to meet their needs. Dr. Kellum is the only ophthalmologist in the Houma-Thibodaux area that utilizes this advanced technology. Call Southern Eye Institute or book an appointment online to learn more about the light adjustable lens.

Light Adjustable Lens (LAL) Q & A

What is the Light Adjustable Lens?

The light adjustable lens (LAL) is a groundbreaking innovation that improves cataract patients’ vision. It’s made of photosensitive material and is the only lens in the world that your doctor can adjust to your individual needs after they insert it into your eye.

At Southern Eye Institute, you can access this unique treatment option to improve your vision. Dr. Kellum and his team of professionals are experts in providing LAL to patients in need.   

What is a cataract?

A cataract causes the lens of your eye to become cloudy, eventually affecting your vision. Ophthalmologists like Dr. Kellum treat this issue with cataract surgery. This procedure consists of removing the lens of your eye and replacing it with an artificial lens. 

Although artificial lenses improve your vision, you may still require glasses. With LAL, Dr. Kellum can change the lens power as your individual visual needs dictate. LAL also eliminates the need for additional invasive procedures, such as laser surgery.

Am I a candidate for the Light Adjustable lens?

You may have cataracts if images appear blurred or bright colors appear dull. Consider LAL if you want to improve your vision after cataract surgery to avoid needing glasses. Most cataract surgery patients are good candidates for LAL. 

Schedule a consultation with Dr. Kellum at Southern Eye Institute to determine if the LAL is right for you.

How does the Light Adjustable Lens work?

When you receive cataract surgery at the Southern Eye Institute, Dr. Kellum will perform your cataract surgery in the standard fashion. He then places LAL into your eye through a small incision. This procedure typically takes 6 to 12 minutes. From the patient’s point of view, there is no difference in the surgical procedure. However, afterwards is when this amazing technology is experienced.

A few weeks after your surgery, Dr. Kellum will have you return to his office to test your vision. Once your vision is stable, you will be scheduled for the light adjustment procedure. During this light adjustment appointment, he shines a UV light in your eye, causing the lens to change power according to your vision. This provides long-lasting results, improving your ability to see farther distances and as well as up close and perform daily activities without needing glasses for most tasks. The amazing part of this procedure is that you get to “test drive” your new vision, and he will be able to make changes to suit your unique and individual needs.

If you’re considering the light adjustable lens, call Southern Eye Institute or use the online booking tool to schedule an appointment.